Album Review: The Shires – My Universe.

I have loved The Shires since their first single, Tonight. I’ve seen them live multiple times. I even met Ben last week at another concert. I am so excited for the second album after the much deserved success of the last.

Their first single of this album, Beats To Your Rhythm carried on the success of their previous triumphs.

The album came out today, September 30th. I bought it on vinyl in HMV. I have come home to listen to it for the first time and I figured I would get this blog up and running again but reviewing the album. So here we go…

This is The Shires I remember. Beautiful harmonies and lyrics. ‘My Universe’ is a classic love song, one that is currently on repeat. A country guitar solo in the bridge brings the song back to The Shires’ country roots.

‘Not Even Drunk Right Now’ is a personal favourite of mine. The melodies are captivating. This particular song is written by Ben from The Shires as well as Nina Nesbitt.  ‘Naked’ is a beautiful ballad; one that I can see myself singing in the shower. This song is probably not just my favourite of this album but my favourite of all their songs. This song brings out the emotions.

‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ is a song I can relate to very much as I have so much support from my dad. It is a song that really hits home and makes me miss him while I’m away at university. Crissie’s vocals in this are so emotional and bare, it really perfects the song.

‘Everything You Never Gave’ is a ballad which really brings out Ben’s talented vocals as I feel personally with Crissie’s strong vocals it is a nice opportunity to properly hear and appreciate Ben as a singer.

‘Common Language’ as song sounds a but different from the standard Shires song. It is a surprising change and really gives the listener a chance to appreciate The Shires as artists.

‘A Thousand Hallelujahs’ has a beautiful captivating guitar riff to start off the song and as a whole this song reminds me why I love The Shires. Their songs are so uplifting but yet so emotional; they somehow keep the balance between the two just right.

This album is a fantastic second album for a country artists. I feel with the perfect balance of uplifting songs and ballads, they have created an album that can be listened to time and time again.

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